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  • Traditional health insurance too expensive for your small business?

  • Improve your employee benefit package by providing your employees access to full spectrum family medical care with a flat monthly recurring rate.

  • Business providing traditional health insurance benefits with escalating health insurance premiums?


By utilizing our Direct Primary Care model, you can save your business 30-60% off your annual health insurance premiums.

  • We provide full spectrum family healthcare in exchange for a recurring monthly fee at a low-cost corporate rate 

  • Employees receive personalized care when they need it without additional copays and coinsurance for the care provided by our office

  • We also have contracted with a local lab for affordable laboratory services

  • Additional fees may apply for more advanced diagnostic testing and treatments. These services are available at a reduced rate for our members. Fees will be discussed with you prior to administration.


Covid-19 Test
Rapid strep
Glucose testing
Urine pregnancy test

Doctor's Visit


Pulmonary Function Testing
Lesion removal
(warts, skin tags, moles, etc.)
Ear wash/irrigation
Foreign body removal
Incision and drainage
Simple Laceration repair
Nebulizer treatments

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